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roam together testimonial alex knight
I kept making whatsapp groups for trips and events for my friends but roam makes its a lot easier to share details and also talk to friends about specific event details

roam together testimonial joe
I travel a lot, and so do my friends. Roam makes it easy to know when my friends are nearby, and to make fun plans to do together.

roam together testimonial joelle fauzi
I've used Roam for a few months now and it's been useful and fun. I've shared events organized by my business and joined events organized by friends or travelers in the area. It's easy to use and helps you connect with new people. It's an excellent upgrade from Facebook events.


stay updated with plans shared by your friends with an organized timeline

roam together plan

events & trips

easily create and share events or trips with selected friends and bring everyone together

roam together plan


keep the conversation focused and spam-free with group chats exclusive to friends who are interested or joining

roam together plan


share your plans within the app or through a link on any platform, inviting friends to join the adventure

roam together plan


keep track of friends’ current cities, upcoming trips, and shared events on the map

roam together plan

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